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About Rastikis Ink

Rastikis Ink is a trusted, award-winning creative firm based in Dayton, Ohio. We specialize in communication strategy, as well as writing and production of marketing communications, publications, online content, presentations, PR materials and websites.

From a new newsletter client...

I feel so lucky to have you working on this important project for my business. You care so much about the details and making sure everything is correct. You are just awesome! -- Rhonda E. Reagh, Ph.D., Reagh and Associates

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Hire great writers. A good writer is about more than writing. Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking. Great writers know how to communicate. They make things easy to understand. They can put themselves in someone else's shoes. They know what to omit. Writing is today's currency for good ideas. -- From the bestseller Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

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About Us Client Testimonials

Our clients’ turn to speak

We work hard to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction with all the services we provide. That’s why so many of them have trusted us for years. Some of them have been nice enough to let us know what they think of our work. Check out the testimonials below.

“I began to use your professional services when I wrote some speeches, and you helped me to hone my words and expressions so that they were more palatable to the public. In the intervening years, I have been more aware of your skill as a speechwriter and communications expert. You are easy to be with, understanding, and your communication skills are excellent. I would not hesitate to use you again, and in fact plan to do so in the near future.”

-- Benjamin Schuster, M.D., physician and philanthropist

“The city of Miamisburg and the Mound Development Corp. have utilized Rastikis Ink on communication projects many times in my 18 years as mayor. We have always found the services to be professional and effective in meeting a range of needs, and deadlines are never a problem. The company has been a trusted partner through a period of success and progress in our community. I would recommend Rastikis Ink to any business, non-profit or government agency that considers communication to be an important part of their mission.”

Dick Church, Jr., Mayor, City of Miamisburg, Ohio

"Laima Rastikis was a key player in the inception and eventual launch of Air Camp, a week-long Dayton, Ohio, region science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) experience for middle school students. We turned to Rastikis Ink for grant-proposal writing support, and Laima came through with flying colors, in spite of the fact that the Air Camp concept was still in development. The result was all-important seed funding to get Air Camp off the ground in 2010, and the initial session is just complete and was a big success. I would definitely count on Laima again for any similar support."

-- Richard V. "Dick" Reynolds, Lt. General, USAF (retired), Air Camp Secretary

“Clients from both the private and public sectors that are pursuing grants can clearly profit from your expertise. Anyone who is challenged in the educational arena for time and staff support would benefit from your ability to work under time constraints to prepare a professional proposal for review. The fact that you and your company are available, respond to last-minute requests and produce professional results is extremely desirable.”

-- Dr. Greg Bernhard, Dean of School of Education and Human Services (retired), Wright State University and Chairman, Dayton Regional STEM Hub

“Our experience with Rastikis Ink has been incredible! The expertise in stating our case for grants has positioned DECA to compete admirably in the State and Federal grant arena. Timely responses have enabled our grant development team to stay connected as we worked through the details and to meet submission deadlines. Recently, we were awarded a second highly competitive Federal grant that was rated the top submission in Ohio...thanks in no small part to Rastikis Ink! And we love the work you did for our new website.”

-- Dr. Judy Hennessey, CEO and Superintendent, Dayton Early College Academy

“Rastikis Ink has provided writing and communication services to Harrison Township for many years. In writing and producing our residential and business newsletters, you have been most professional and thorough. In fact, the people of Harrison Township have become highly dependent on the information provided in our newsletters, largely because to the way the information is developed and written. Deadlines are always met with total awareness of our needs. Rastikis Ink would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to get their information to their target in a professional, well-written and expert manner.”

-- Randall Brooks, Administrator, Harrison Township

“We have enjoyed amazing success with grants when Rastikis Ink has been involved with writing and managing the proposal. Laima is a knowledgeable and talented grant writer who never seems daunted by the challenging projects we send her way. We never have to worry about our grant proposals being finished on time or the quality of the work. Best of all, Rastikis Ink has helped the STEM Center and the Montgomery County Educational Service Center compete for–and win–hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve education in the Dayton region.”

-- Margy Stevens, Executive Director, Dayton Regional STEM Center, and Assistant Superintendent, Montgomery County Educational Service Center

“Working with Rastikis Ink has enabled our business to deliver the most creative, accurate and effective message to the public. They provide the kind of innovative approach to marketing for companies, concepts and products that you would find in any major city. Having Rastikis Ink in the Miami Valley is a tremendous asset to the local business community.”

-- Jeannie Glennon, Riverain Medical Group

“Rastikis Ink is terrific to work with. Laima Rastikis dove right in to my project and sought to truly understand the goals. She followed through on every deliverable, met all the due dates, and helped us secure a $336,000 grant! I would highly recommend Rastikis Ink to anyone who is looking for a gifted writer to help communicate a compelling message and goals.”

-- Robyn Lightcap, Executive Director, Ready, Set, Soar

“Rastikis Ink has been involved in proposal writing for a significant number of our projects ranging from Air Camp, a community initiative, to the Dayton Early College Academy, an educational program. In each instance, you have demonstrated an ability to carefully listen to client needs and to shape proposal ideas to ensure that both client-defined needs as well as the required specifications for a grant are addressed. Even more significantly, as a result of Rastikis Ink’s involvement, we have evidenced a remarkable track record of funding success.”

-- Dr. Thomas J. Lasley, Professor and former Dean, University of Dayton School of Education and Allied Professions, and Executive Director, EDvention

“We are so grateful to you for everything you have done for our school community and all of Harrison Township by way of keeping the public up to date on all the happenings here. The newsletters you write and produce are always so informative and professional.”

-- Margie Lairson, School Board Member, Northridge Public School District

“In addition to contributing to our mission in Tanzania as a volunteer, Laima has been an independent, efficient, and insightful writer for Cross-Cultural Solutions. As a contributing writer, she has helped us to gather the volunteer stories of many to inspire the next generation of volunteers. Her work is of the utmost quality, and she is always timely. She talks to our volunteers and then turns the conversation into a meaningful, engaging and comprehensive story. We are always pleased to work with such a capable talent.”

-- Ashlei Bobo, Communications Manager, Cross-Cultural Solutions

“I am so excited to let you know that we have been awarded our grant request. We at the Kroc Center greatly appreciate your support in the writing process, and personally, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from a great professional. We look forward to meeting so many needs of children and families through the support this grant offers, and we appreciate your help in making that happen.”

-- Amber Rose, Director of Education, Salvation Army Kroc Center

“It was easy to call on Laima Rastikis to provide the many pages of content for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce annual Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide three years consecutively. Laima is a detail-oriented professional who researches her work carefully before writing. She is easy to work with and provides a sense of calm, which a highly stressed person like me needs.”

-- Maureen Patterson, former Vice President for Membership, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

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