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Rastikis Ink case study: Grant writing

logo_wsuDayton Regional STEM Hub

The Challenge: Nearly one million dollars was on the line when the Dayton Regional STEM Hub, led by Wright State University, faced a super-tight deadline to complete a complex proposal for an Ohio Board of Regents’ grant. More than a dozen players, each with individual contributions, were involved in the educational initiative that would be proposed. Further complicating matters was the need for coordination with the other four STEM hubs in the state.

The Solution: Rastikis Ink worked closely–and quickly–with the client and key STEM education partners to develop program elements and a cohesive proposal. We gathered the input from the various sources and wrote the grant in time for the necessary reviews and coordination with Ohio’s other STEM Hubs. We assembled the grant package in time to meet the short deadline.

The Outcome: The grant was funded at the requested level of $975,000.

The Client’s View: “Your ability to listen to many individuals with lots of good ideas and suggestions and to weave them into a compelling case for funding was invaluable. You took ideas that were very expansive, lacked clarity and were lengthy and reduced them into a narrative, supported by specifics requested in the RFP that made sense to a panel of expert grant reviewers. You did this extremely well, under severe time constraints, and we were successful in being awarded the grant we were seeking.”

– Dr. Greg Bernhard, Chairman, Dayton Regional STEM Hub, and retired Dean of the School of Education and Human Services, Wright State University


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