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Case Studies Case Study: Public Relations

Rastikis Ink case study: Public relations

Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

NewsReleaseThe Challenge: Dayton business leaders formed Second & Main Limited to redevelop a former department store in the heart of downtown and build a new performing arts center. They recognized early on that this high-profile project would require support and professional services to communicate with the public, the news media, stakeholders and potential private donors.

The Solution: Rastikis Ink was Second and Main’s firm of choice for public relations, event planning and media relations. Our first challenge was to manage the media coverage and stakeholder event surrounding the implosion of the old Rike's department store, a first for Dayton. In addition, we planned and executed various announcements, including the project’s naming for major donors Ben and Marian Schuster. We planned and staged a major groundbreaking event. We also launched a newsletter to keep stakeholders informed about fundraising and construction progress.

Rastikis Ink provided grant-writing support as well. We helped to craft a proposal to the state of Ohio requesting a $30 million contribution to the project.

The Outcome: Second and Main Limited’s president and board were delighted with our work and the positive outcomes of the highly visible public and media events we coordinated. Private fundraising goals were exceeded. Also, the state of Ohio contributed the requested $30 million to the construction of the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center project.

The Client’s View: “After considering who could cover the planning and media coverage for this complex project, you were the first choice of my executive committee and me. What a challenge! You did an excellent job and were really important to our success. Thanks.”

 – Peter J. Horan, former President, Second and Main Limited; President, Horan Consulting


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