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Case Studies Case Study: Website SEO Content

Rastikis Ink case study: Website writing and content optimization

Dayton Early College Academy

DECA_screenshot2The Challenge: The Dayton Early College Academy needed to revamp and update its website. Administrators wanted to use the site to explain DECA's mission to the public, recruit students and raise private funds in the wake of huge state budget cuts.

The Solution: Rastikis Ink had for five years been providing grant-writing services for the Dayton Early College Academy, an early college high school in Dayton, Ohio. We were invited to work with a team of faculty, staff and a Web designer to produce content for the new website. The team felt it was important to tell the story that DECA is an outstanding success story: nearly 100 percent of students–all urban learners–are defying the odds and going to college.

The Outcome: Reaction to the new DECA website has been outstanding. It's a great information resource for parents, students, potential volunteers and the news media. Donations and volunteer involvement have increased, and enrollment continues to grow.

The Client’s View: “It was easy to include Rastikis Ink on our website team because of our many successes in grant writing with the firm. I was sure Laima would set the right tone and create the right messages to communicate our story. We weren’t disappointed.”

– Dr. Judy Hennessey, President and CEO, Dayton Early College Academy


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